The opening of the club "LION" BASARABEASCA took place.


Открытие клуба «LION» BASARABEASCA состоялось .
Открытие клуба «LION» BASARABEASCA состоялось .


The opening of the club “LION” BASARABEASCA took place. Feelings of joy overflowed all present guests, parents, well, and of course, little kids who will have a place where they will develop character and discipline, and also to strengthen their health! Healthy children – Healthy country!

“Many thanks to our president of the club” LION FIGHT ACADEMY “Octavian Orhejanu, who made a great contribution to the opening of the sports hall.
➖ We express our gratitude to FEA President Dorin Damir, for the motivation and development of sports in the Republic of Moldova!
➖Our respect for Nikolayev Vladimir Ivanovich. Vladimir Ivanovich is the head coach and inspirer of the youth in Basarabeasca. “Batya Sports” – that\’s what the disciples whom he brought up call him.
➖ Thanks to Kolya Nikolaev and all those who took part in the opening of the hall! Remember, work and effort will be rewarded with a good result.