Oleksandr Usyk def. Murat Gassiev by unanimous decision (119-109, 119-109, 120-108)


Усик победил Гассиева и стал абсолютным чемпионом мира. Как это было.


Oleksandr Usyk def. Murat Gassiev by unanimous decision (119-109, 119-109, 120-108)

1: Usyk jabbing to start. Following up with a left here and there, but
not throwing with real authority yet, just feeling it out. Gassiev doing
nothing so far, looking for openings. Good jab from Usyk. Gassiev
throws a left to the body. Usyk picking and pecking, staying busy.
Another good jab. Usyk 10-9

Round 2: Gassiev looking like he
wants to get going, showing a little more life in his legs. Usyk moving,
though, and still working the jab really well, outworking Gassiev.
Gassiev with a really nice left to the body, he’s here. But Usyk is
controlling things still, jabbing and moving, mixing in his left hand
now and then. Usyk swiping with the hook, just putting it out there.
Gassiev back to the body with one shot. Counter left from Usyk to end
the round. Usyk 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Gassiev needs to get going.
And he really wants the body, which is smart, because Usyk, like most
people, clearly doesn’t love being punched hard to the body. Usyk’s
volume is still strong and allowing him to dictate pace. Moving well,
too, as usual. He looks sharper here than he did against Briedis.
Gassiev landing the odd shot but it’s hard to put too much stock in him
landing one at a time, at least as far as scoring a round goes. Counter
left from Usyk. Usyk 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Gassiev with another
left to the body. He really needs to cut the ring off more, but Usyk
makes that very difficult. Usyk starting to get flashier now, starting
to dig in a bit more. Usyk makes him miss foolishly, then gets right
back to the jab. BIG RIGHT HAND FROM GASSIEV! Usyk hangs on, gets his
balance, and the round ends. Still an Usyk round but Gassiev isn’t
asleep in there. Usyk 10-9, 40-36

Усик победил Гассиева и стал абсолютным чемпионом мира. Как это было.


Round 5: Gassiev trying to walk
Usyk down, Usyk not letting it happen. Gassiev throws a right to the
body, Usyk counters with a left up top. Gassiev to the body with a left,
counter right from Usyk. Still, it’s Usyk staying busier. But that
right at the end of the fourth definitely got his attention and made him
re-respect the danger of Gassiev. Gassiev with a right to the body.
Usyk 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Usyk continues to jab away. When
Gassiev does land, which is here and there, Usyk comes right back on
him. Gassiev is hitting the hips here and there. I mean, it’s illegal,
but it’s something. Might slow Usyk down a little, anyway. But Usyk
continues to win this fight. He’s quieted the crowd significantly. Usyk
10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Abel Sanchez has grown frustrated with
Gassiev, who has grown frustrated with himself. Gassiev strays low yet
again. Referee warns him again. Gassiev cannot cut the ring off here to
save his life. It’s not even that he can’t, it’s that Usyk is just too
mobile, too quick for him. But there’s a decent right from Gassiev, Usyk
takes it well. Usyk back with a couple shots. Gassiev swings another
big right, doesn’t get there. Gassiev has fight changing power still,
but Usyk just keeps going here and he remains in control. Usyk 10-9,

Усик победил Гассиева и стал абсолютным чемпионом мира. Как это было.


Round 8: Usyk keeps bouncing around, peppering Gassiev near
relentlessly. Gassiev misses a right hand. He’s missing shots by a good
bit a lot of the time, but that one was closer. Usyk jabbing, jabbing,
moving, moving. Putting some combinations together at times. This is
really a class performance, as good as he’s ever looked. Usyk 10-9,

Round 9: Usyk starting fast this round. Then he goes back
to sticking the jab in. Gassiev trying to land power shots, but Usyk
mostly making him miss. Usyk is schooling Gassiev. We’re now late enough
into the fight that this can be confidently said. Gassiev also looking
pretty fatigued, which is no surprise. He’s spent a lot of energy
chasing Usyk, missing shots, and eating punches. And Usyk just keeps
going. Good long left uppercut from Usyk before the bell. Usyk 10-9,

Round 10: Usyk is breaking him down now. Gassiev lands a
right, but Usyk just eats it and keeps going. Usyk just beating him up
right now. It’s not overwhelming power, he’s not banging real hard, but
it’s overwhelming skill. There is nothing Gassiev can do about it.
Dominant round from Usyk again. Gassiev still coming forward, just
getting whacked around for it. Usyk 10-9, 100-90

Round 11:
Gassiev looks mentally finished. Probably has been for a few rounds.
Gassiev goes to the body, but then Usyk slaps him around some more.
Another round for Usyk. Unless Gassiev has a miracle in him or we see an
all-time bad decision, he’s going home with that trophy. Usyk 10-9,


Round 12: Usyk isn’t cruising, he’s just working away as
he has all fight. Jab, jab, left cross, left uppercut. He’s fighting
like he wants the KO. I mean he doesn’t have one-shot power, but he has
broken Gassiev to pieces at this point. Usyk showboats a bit to close,
then they embrace. Usyk 10-9, 120-108