Sport unites Moldovans abroad. They practice box in a well-known club from Italy


SPORTUL ÎI UNEŞTE PESTE HOTARE. Moldovenii practică boxul la un club renumit din Italia

Moldovans practice sport wherever they are and have success. A confidential group of Moldovans established in Italy are trained in one of the biggest clubs from Italy, Boxe Parma.
At least 50 Moldovans have the possiblity to prepare next to successful  sportsmen.
One of them is the well known Giacobe Fragomeni, champion at WBC category. The Italian frighted with the legendary Davi Haye.
At the present moment, the Moldovans are successful in Parma club, especially, after one of them managed to receive high performances. 
Liviu Cioran and Vitalie Spinu became champions at the regional tour from Parma and Constantin Pancart is a professional fighter.
Authorities from Republic of Moldova are supporting our citizens who are members of this sport club.
Ministry of Education, Culture and Research has offered a diploma for the president of the boxing club from Parma, for promoting a healthy lifestyle among citizens of Moldova living there.
“We taught many sportsmen. Among them counts the now renown Constantin Pancrat, who became a professional with Italian citizenship. He became well known in this sport. We decided for an official from Moldova\’s sport to hand me this diploma” president of Parma Boxing Club, Adriano Guareschi said.
At the entrance of the sport club hangs Republic of Moldova\’s flag, signed by Italy\’s best boxing coach, late Maurizio Zennoni, who taught many Italian champion.