EAGLES FC (Fighting Championship) the new unique Moldavian combative project which will pass by rules MMA. The name EAGLES is given the project not incidentally. In translation of EAGLES means eagles. The symbolics of an eagle is shaped through a prism of centuries. And as all know the Eagle it is a symbol of freedom, valor and courage. The eagle is located not gift on the coats of arms of world powers. Presently an example of courage are fighters thanks to whom the country colors with honor are hoisted on the world scene. Marking about a victory not only the fighter of the participant, but also all country. Famous fighters and beginners will take part in the new EAGLES FC project as already all, Which names will only start being lit on the arena of glory. EAGLES FC are athletes to whom barriers aren\’t terrible and which go all the way. Very soon will pass the first EAGLES FC Vol.1 tournament which will show great skills of rising stars.
The project will have international character as in it our fighters will be competed by athletes from around the world. The whole series of tournaments until the end of 2016 is already planned. Thanks to EAGLES FC new opportunities will open and new names from the growing generation of fighter will be lit, 
and for athletes it is opportunity to prove and accumulate experience on the professional arena. More info on website www.eaglesfc.org