Denis Apavaloae – preparing for KOK WGP EAGLES SERIES IN MOLDOVA


Денис Апавалоае приложит все усилия для досрочного завершения поединка.


Denis Apavaloae will use the best efforts for early end of a duel.
Denis Apavaloae and Roman Sarya\’s fight will become the real test for both fighters. The German of the Kazakh origin carried out
in 20 years of 14 duels from which lost only in one, and won the 8 a knockout. Our fighter Apavaloae naturally has more than duels and according to experience. But in a ring it is necessary to be extremely attentive with any rival, and Denis knows it.
Denis said in the interview that will try to use the best efforts for early end of a duel.
Andrey declared to Groce that a lot more work is necessary and Denis should be careful in a duel as never you know as fight will turn.
The president of FEA Dorin Damir told that Apavaloae returned to big-time sports, and on September 26 within KOK WGP 2015 EAGLES SERIES in Moldova will pass an excellent duel with its participation.