Constantin Tutu vs Vittorio Iermano on KOK WORLD GP 2014 in Chisinau


Константин Цуцу (Молдова) против Витторио Иермано (Италия) титульный поединок на KOK WORLD GP 2014


Constantin Tutu vs Vittorio Iermano on KOK WORLD GP 2014 in Chisinau

Constantin Tutu
Style: Muay Thai
Height: 180cm
Weight: 84 kg.
Club: Champion Thai Gym
Coach: Trocin Nicanor
09/02/1987 DOB
Champion KOK WGP 2014
Champion K-1WORLD GP 2013
Champion FEA GP 2009
Champion FEA 2011
Champion KOK WGP 2011
29 fight
26 wins 15 by KO
3 loss
Vittorio Iermano
Country: Italy
City: Alasio
Weight: 85kg
Height: 185
Style: Kickboxing, Muay Thai,
Club: Combat Team
Interview with Vittorio Iermano.
How will prepare the match?
We are preparing the match both from an athletic standpoint that the technical point of view, we have viewed the video of our opponent and we\’re doing a specific job

What do you expect from this event?
Worldwide visibility and to make a provision that gives me the ability to have more chance of equal importance in the international circuits

What do you think your opponent? Will you win?
Despite his young age is already a famous champion and I am happy and honored to be able to measure with him, of course we are working to get the best result: a success

Who promotes you did a good job? Are you satisfied?
I am very pleased with the great opportunity that I was given and I hope to repay the trust given to me

You expect so many fans, what do you say to them?
What about … the friendliness of the Italians is known around the world, I hope I do not deny it, and with my determination to conquer the public and promoter

Who do you want to thank?
I thank Francesco Migliaccio Fight1 of the federation, the entire staff of Sicilymuaythai Muay FarangEurope who gave me this great opportunity and l\’organization of the KOK