Video Of Jerome Le Banner Destroying Another Liver


Ле Баннер нокаутировал Колина Джорджа. Вот такой вот ветеран!!!


In Saint-Tropez on August 4th Jerome Le Banner claimed another victim with his nasty liver kick. He was facing off against Colin George a very tall fighter from Mike\’s gym in Holland. During the first round JLB did seem to be getting a little frustrated with George\’s height and reach, and having a hard time getting inside but always throwing out that left body kick to wear down George\’s arm. The second round Le Banner came out much more aggressive and it took him less than 10 seconds to land that liver kick of doom and crumple George, you can feel Colin\’s pain watching him roll around holding his Liver. JLB executed this kick perfectly by setting it up with his right hook then stepping off to the side so that he can land the entire shin across his opponents body. Le Banner did the same to his last opponent Lucian Danilencu, he first dropped him with the kick, then finished it off by lifting him off the ground with a huge body hook.

I can\’t express enough how much we enjoy watching Jerome Le Banner destroy people in this fashion and obviously we enjoy a good liver kick. I just wish he could have done that in a K-1 Final.