Moldovan wrestlers win weight golds at tournament in Romania


Luptătorii moldoveni au cucerit opt medalii de aur la un turneu din România/Молдавские борцы завоевали восемь золотых медалей на турнире в Румынии.


Moldova put on a good show at an international cadets and juniors wrestling tournament in Romania. The Moldovan athletes won eight gold medals.
The medalists are Andrei Buliga (50 kg class), Alexandr Petkov (55 kg), Daniel Cataraga (66 kg), Tatiana Doncila (46 kg), Iulia Leorda (51 kg), Gheorghii Radov (58 kg), Nicolai Lesnicov (63 kg), and Dimitrii Ceacusta (100 kg). In this competition, Moldova was represented by the largest delegation of sportspersons.
For most of the participants, the international tournament held in Bucharest represented an important test before the European championships of May, where the athletes will fight for qualification for the Youth Olympic Games that will take place in Nanjing, China