GLORY 12 New York results.


Сразу два крупных бойцовских события в Мире прошли субботним вечером 23 ноября.
Сразу два крупных бойцовских события в Мире прошли субботним вечером 23 ноября.



My god, what else can you say about Andy Ristie other than he just had the night of his career in New York city. He now holds KO victories over Giorgio Petrosyan and Robin van Roosmalen. In one night. Seriously, that is just insanity. Andry Ristie was riding a wave of momentum coming off of the knockout of Giorgio Petrosyan and he did absolutely everything right against Robin van Roosmalen.
Ristie was able to drop Robin near the tail end of round one only for Robin to work his way back up to his feet. The second round he tried to play it a bit more conservatively but Ristie was able to land another incredible combination which put Robin van Roosmalen down and left him unable to respond to the count

If there was an improbability it was for Giorgio Petrosyan to lose. If there was something that was nearly impossible it was Giorgio Petrosyan losing via Knockout, yet, yet… Here we are and Giorgio Petrosyan has been knocked out in Round 3 by Andy Ristie. Andy Ristie was applying lots of pressure in the first round with Petrosyan not able to find his rhythm until the very end. The second round saw a lot of the same with Petrosyan in control, but not able to find his rhythm.
Round three was do or die for Ristie and Andy Ristie just rushed out there like a bat out of hell but it wasn\’t enough to put Petrosyan down. Then Ristie landed a huge right hand that had Petrosyan stunned only for him to follow it up with a combination of a right, left and another left that finished it. Petrosyan went down and Andy Ristie had done the impossible.
Tonight at 9PM Eastern time GLORY 12 New York is set to take the world by storm live on Spike TV here in the United States. If you are outside of the United States and wondering how you can watch GLORY 12 the answer is quite simple; head to the home page and click the story up top and order GLORY 12 live on internet PPV. Pretty simple, right? GLORY 12 features the GLORY Lightweight Tournament with Giogio Petrosyan, Robin van Roosmalen, Davit Kiria and Andy Ristie. Also on the card will be Ben Edwards taking on Jamal Ben Saddik and Joe Schilling squaring off with New York\’s own Wayne Barrett.
 GLORY 12 New York results.
 Casey Greene (R1- KO) John King
 Niko Tsigaras (R1 – KO) Dominick Biondo
 John Bowman (R3 – KO) Villi Bello
 Alexy Filyakov (R1 – KO) Mohamed Fanzy
 Thiago Michel R3 – UD) Paul Marfort
 Saulo Cavalari (R1 – KO) Mourad Bouzidi
 Francois ambang (R3 – TKO) Eddie Walker
 Jhonata Diniz (R1 – TKO) Igor Jurkovic
 Brian Collette (R1 – KO) Warren Thompson
 Artem Vakhitov (R3 – UD) Nenad Pagonis
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 Lightweight Semi-Finals: Robin van Roosmalen (R3 – UD) Davit Kiria — This fight went exactly like you\’d expect it to, as it was almost a carbon copy of their first bout. Kiria just never turned the heat up like he needed to do to best RvR\’s volume. Robin takes the decision.
 Lightweight Semi-Finals: Andy Ristie (R3 – KO) Giorgio Petrosyan — Wow. This fight was all Petrosyan going into the third round, but Ristie was applying pressure and was landing a few really hard shots. A big shot late in the third round connected on Petrosyan only for another to happen and Petrosyan goes down with the referee calling it off. Wow.
Lightweight Tournament Reserve Bout: Ky Hollenbeck (R3 – UD) Warren Stevelmans — Not a lot to say about this fight, as there was a lot of clinching with Hollenbeck dominating most of the fight. Hollenbeck had a very strong round two and then did some great work in R3 to solidify the win.
Ben Edwards (R3 – KO) Jamal Ben Saddik — My god. This was pretty much every bit of the Heavyweight slugfest that you expected it to be, ending with Ben Edwards landing some crazy shots in R3 and putting Jamal Ben Saddik to sleep.
 Wayne Barrett (R3 – UD) Joe Schilling — My god this fight was just crazy. Barrett put in some serious work in the first round, frustrating Schilling without scoring much. The second round saw Barrett drop Schilling not once but twice, with Joe warrioring to his feet both times to solider on. The third round is where it went nuts as Schilling landed a tremendous knee to the face that flattened Barrett. It looked like Barrett was out but he was able to get up at the last moment and continue fighting. Hats off to both men for a crazy fight.
 Lightweight Tournament Finals: Andy Ristie (R2 – KO) Robin van Roosmalen — Man, tonight was just Andy Ristie\’s night. There was no one that was going to get in Andy Ristie\’s way as he dropped RvR in R1 and then did the same int he second round with Robin not getting back up.