Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine Results


Результаты турнира Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. SaffiedineAfter a nearly a year of waiting for something special to happen, okay it only took about 3 months for folks to start counting down for the fold, Strikeforce is having its final card. It\’s not going out without additional criticism, fans have been all over it for the one-sided match ups. But look at the brightside, the best of the best will soon be swapping their Strikeforce gloves for a pair branded with the letters u, f, c. As for tonight, we should get explosive finishes making it for a entertaining night. The question is, who will get upset and spoil their stock like the quarterback of a losing bowl team? And what about Josh Barnett, the runner-up to the Strikeforce tourney? He\’s on the card but we haven\’t heard much of her coming into this card or his ventures after this card comes to a close. Hopefully we\’ll get some answers tonight.
Catchweight (194lbs) Ronaldo Souza vs Ed Herman
Rd 1: Hard left by Ed starts the bout. Souza puts Ed on the cage and looks for knees. Nothing so he backs up. Nice body punch by Souza, followed by a double leg. Ed not content to sit there as he scrambles for a knee bar. While scrambling, Ed had an illegal upkick. The ref stops it, doesnt take a point and stands them up. Where the heck did he get his license? SMH. Souza makes him pay with a hard right. A front kick to the jaw and a BIG double leg destroys Ed. He\’s working from side control and a kimora!!!!! Ed taps in quick fashion!
Souza def Herman via Submission Rd 1
Light Heavyweight Gegard Mousasi vs Mike Kyle
Rd1: Low kick by Gegard almost removes Kyle from his feet.  Big knees by Kyle who forces his way to the clinch. Gegard immediately puts him on the cage, but fails to take it to the mat. Gegard stalking misses a wild overhand. Pitter patter by Kyle cant find find a home. Gegard\’s double leg does. Gegard finally moves into full guard. He\’s laying in elbow after elbow. Kyle rolls over to avoid the strikes and Gegard easiy sinks the arm under the chin. Rear naked good night!
Mousasi def. Kyle via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Rd 1
Heavyweight: Josh Barnett vs Nandor Guelmino
Rd 1: Barnett immediately goes for the takedown. He\’s successful and Nadndor tries to uses a guillotine to get up, but nothign doing. Barnett tries to jump on a leg but Nandor stands. Josh is all over him and tried for another takedown but Nandor going for a kimora to try and halt the progress. No dice as Barnett trips him into the mount. He grabs the arm triangle and Nandor is done in quick fashion.
Barnett def. Guelmino via Submission (Arm Triangle) Rd 1
Heavyweight: Daniel Cormier vs Dion Starring
Rd 1: Dion has his right cocked and looking for a one shot bomb. Head kick by Cormier slows his thinking. Cormier moves in and throws Dion on his back. Side control and looking for elbows. Cormier trying to trap the arm and has the crucifix for just a moment. Dion scrambles to his feet, but keeps a hand on the mat to avoid the knee. Combo by Daniel has Dion with his running shoes on. Daniel uses this to gain the takedown and is looking to pin the arm from side control again. No elbows to distract and damage? Dion able to scramble out again. Mouthpiece out after a Daniel head kick and the bout pauses for a restart. Another takedown, this time it\’s full ount and Dion is in big trouble now. Short elbows and he\’s looking for an arm possibly. Horn sounds and Dion survives…if you want to call it that.
Rd 1: 10 – 9 Cormeir
Rd 2: Dion rushes in and puts Daniel on the cage for a moment. The champ reverses and they separate. Dion chooses to clinch and Daniel dumps him yet again. Daniel cant seem to find his spot. Just as I type Dion is getting rocked with multiple unanswered strikes. He\’s rolling now but Daniel outworking him and moves straight to the mount. BOMBS Away. Dion rolls to his stomach to avoid the heavy hands. Big John might as well step in.  Cormeir walking around and laying bombs on all angles. Big John has seen enough. Good hometown showing as the champ gets ready for his UFC debut.
Cormeir def. Starring via TKO Rd 2
Cormier says he has Mir in April and will whoop up on Jon Jones in the fall.
Strikeforce Middleweight Title: Nate Marquardt vs Tarec Saffiedine
Rd 1: They start slow, establishing distance by exchanging leg kicks. Marquardt rushes in and Tarec drops him! He\’s up right away and goes for a takedown. Stuffed and put on the cage. The split and Nate goes for a big elbow, but misses. Body kick by Tarec finds its home. Sweet leg kick by Tarec caves in Nate\’s outer thigh. Nate rushes in again, but again is put on the cage. Not much action here after the drop. Champ down one though.
Rd 1: 10 – 9 Tarec
Rd 2: Nate goes for a single and nearly eats a shin to the face. Nate finally gets the single and scrambles to keep it on the ground. No dice. Both guys hug it out as we go back to the lovin\’ on the cage. After a snooze-fest on the cage, Big John breaks them up. Tarec just misses a head kick. Now Tarec finding his spot with the leg kick as Marquardt can\’t get the timing. Marquardt still looking for the takedown but fails. Marquardt goes for a crazy spinning head kick as the round expires.
Rd 2: 10 – 9 Nate
Rd 3: Nate\’s stock is dropping at this point, a heavy faorite and he\’s not showing any depth to his game right now. Tarec puts Nate right back on the cage as the boos begin. They split and Nate goes for a flying knee. Not so much Nate. Nice combo for the challenger bounces the champs head back. Right hand, left head kick, partially blocked by Nate. Tarec continues to tear up Nate\’s left leg. The brusing is really visibile as it is now a nice Oklahoma maroon. Nate tries a last minute takedown but gets stuffed again. 
Rd 3: 10 – 9 Tarec
Rd 4: Tarec moving forward for the kill. He immediately attacks the leg and Nate has no answer for it. Now Nate\’s leg is looking like it may fall off. Nate trying to tee off with a series of upper cuts. Tarec not going away lands a right of his own. Someone should teach Nate to check those kicks. Then again, it may be a bit late. Nate almost catches the leg kick. Almost the key word. Leg kick opens Nate up for big shots. Nate one round away from losing his belt and his shot to return to the UFC. Left hook by Nate is trumped by the right leg kick of Tarec.  Nate\’s face is now bleeding s well.  The fourth ends and the champ needs a finish.
Rd 4: 10 – 9 Tarec
Rd 5: Nate has to go all out now if he wants to retain. His leg will be worse than Faber\’s did, after the Jose Aldo fight, tomorrow. Tarec fighting like he wants that UFC contract. 5 rounds too late, Nate finally checks a kick. And then he goes right back to eating them. No sense of urgency for the champ. He needs to seperate from the fence and throw bombs. One minute and no pressure by Nate. Tarec goes for a takedown and puts the champ on his back. He\’s throwing elbows and looking fore a finish as Scott Coaker looks on with distant look in his eyes at cage side. The horn ends and we have the upset.
Rd 5: 10 – 9 Tarec
Fight 49 – 46 Tarec
Saffiedine def. Marquardt via UD
New Champion