Sammy «Skyline» Shilt



Sammy «Skyline» Shilt
Nickname: «Skyline», «Viking» 
Date of birth: 27.10.1973 
Height: 212 cm 
Weight: 127.7 kg. 
Club: Team Golden Glory 
Style: Karate, MMA 
Country: Netherlands 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2007 
Champion 2007 K-1 in the heavyweight weight 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2006 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2005 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2005 in Paris 
9 th King Pankreysa 1999 
Champion of Daido-Juka – hokutoki 
European Champion Karate 
Sammy Shilt, also known as Sam Shilt (born October 27, 1973) – Dutch kikbokser professional, practicing mixed arts, Daido-Juka Karate. The current triple world champion Grand Prix K-1 – he was the first fighter in the history of K-1, which won the championship three times in a row. 
Career Center 
November 19, 2005 during the Grand Prix semifinals K-1 2005, Shilt defeated current champion Remy Bonyaski knockout. Then Shilt Glaube Feytozoy met in the finals of the tournament and also won by KO after the knee. December 31, 2005, he defeated four times world champion Grand Prix K-1 Ernesto Hust. April 3, 2007 in the second round he defeated Ray Sefo by KO, and became the champion of K-1 heavyweight in weight during World Grand Prix K-1 2007 in Yokohama. Sefo sent Shilta at knock-down at the end of the first round, but in the second round Shilt returned advantages. 
Also, Sammy met with Maite Mo, a champion of Hawaii Grand Prix K-1, June 23, 2007 during the Grand Prix K-1 in Amsterdam, and won it on points. 
During the qualifying tournament, World Grand Prix K-1 Seoul, South Korea, Shilt met with Paul Slovinska. He won his first round knockout in his knees after the strike. After this victory he was in the final of the tournament, the world\’s Grand Prix.
In the first battle of the world\’s final Grand Prix Shilt had to fight with the Brazilian karate Glaube Feytozoy. Sammy barely escaped the inevitable knock-out from the famous «Brazilian blow foot» and managed to win on points after three rounds. This was the third victory over Shilta Feytozoy. 
In the semifinals, he met with Jerome Le banner of France. Shilt defended most of the first round, but at the very end of round Shilt held knee, which severely injured Le Banner. During the break, it was evident that Le Banner is limping badly. At the outset of the second round loukik Shilta sent a Frenchman to the floor. It was clear that for him the attack was very painful. Although Le Banner was able to rise to his feet, his coach threw the towel to avoid further injury. 
The final battle in the world Grand Prix K-1 2007 was a repetition of last year\’s duel, when Shilt met with his compatriot, the Dutch Pieter Aertsom. The battle ended after 1 minute and 49 seconds after Aerts hurt knee and was unable to continue the fight. 
After this victory Shilt became the third fighter, who won the World Grand Prix K-1 three times, and the only fighter in the history of the competition, winning the title three times in a row.