Remy «Flying Gentleman» Bonyaski



Remy «Flying Gentleman» Bonyaski
Nickname: «The Flying Gentleman» 
Date of birth: 10.01.1976 
Height: 192 cm 
Weight: 106 kg. 
Club: Mejiro Gym 
Style: Muay-Tai 
Country: Netherlands 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2004 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2003 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2003 in Las Vegas 
World Champion 1999, according to WPKA muay-tai to supertyazhelovesov 
European Champion 1998, according to IPMTF supertyazhelovesov 
Remy «Flying Gentleman» Bonyaski (Born on January 10, 1976 in Paramaribo, Suriname) – fighter muay-tai of the Netherlands, two-time world champion Grand Prix K-1. Famed for excellent defense, powerful blows of the feet and knees. 
Bonyaski was born in Suriname, and moved to the Netherlands when he was 5 years old. As a teenager Bonyaski fond of soccer, but stopped playing after a broken leg. At the age of 18 years, called his friend in the sports section of muay-tai (club «Mejiro Gym»), to show the «who is actually the best of the best». Bonyaski began to train in the section, and gradually fell in love with this single. 
Bonyaski spent his first fight in 19 years against the well-known Dutch MMA fighter Valentine Overima. Remy won a technical knockout. Since then, he threw the work of system operators and their time spent training. 
Remy Bonyaski debuted in K-1 in the battle against such a famous fighter like Ray Sefo. Despite the superiority Sefo, Bonyaski won this fight by TKO. 
Career Center 
6 December 2003 in Tokyo, Japan, during the World Grand Prix K-1 2003 Bonyaski met in the quarter from the Australian fighter Peter «Chief» Graeme. Remy won the fight by TKO in the first round. In the semi-Cyril Abidi fell victim to knee «Flying Gentleman». After that, Remy away from Musashi, a victory in the finals by unanimous decision of judges, and thus became the world champion K-1. 
In 2004 he won a victory over Tsueshi Nakasako, Francois Botha, Aziz Hatu and ex-champion in sumo Chad «Akebono» Rowen. 
On 4 December 2004 in the World Grand Prix K-1 2004 одержав three points for a victory over Ernesto Justo, Francois Botha and Musashi, Bonyaski successfully defended his title of world champion Grand Prix K-1. 
On 19 November 2005 Remy was made in the final of the World Grand Prix K-1 2005, in Tokyo to defend his title for the third time in succession, but the knockout blow was the knee Sammy Shilta in the tournament semifinals. 
In 2006, after a divorce and the change of coaching staff, he returned to the finals of the World Grand Prix K-1 2006. In the quarter, in the battle against German fighter Stefan Leko, Bonyaski received in the first round of 2 stroke in the groin, resulting in the fight was postponed for 30 minutes. When the fight resumed, Bonyaski could win on points. However, because of the groin injury he was forced to pull competitions, and was replaced by Peter Aerts. 
In late July 2007 Bonyaski helped the Dutch police arrested two British criminals. Two men, katayas van, throw darts at passers-by. Bonyaski became their latest victim. Once it got darts, Remy pursued them in a taxi on the way calling the police, who eventually arrested and hooligans. During the arrest Bonyaski received a medal for bravery for. In addition, he paid the bill for a taxi. 
29 September 2007, Bonyaski again met with Stefan Leko at the selection tournament of the World Grand Prix K-1 2007 in Seoul, in the Final 16. He won this fight in the first round – the fight was stopped after the Bonyaski stabbed his opponent corporate knee. This victory enabled him to participate in the finals of the World Grand Prix K-1 2007, which was held on December 8, 2007 at the Yokohama arena in Japan. Here his adversary was Badr Hari – Dutch fighter muay-tai. Remy won this fight on points. In the semifinals, he met with the legendary Dutch Aertsom Peter, who lost, and thus left out of further struggle.