Hong-Man «Techno-Goliath» Choi



Hong-Man «Techno-Goliath» Choi
Nickname: «Techno Goliath», «Colossus», «Korean monster», «Che-Man» 
Date of birth: 30.10.1980 
Height: 218 cm 
Weight: 160 kg. 
Style: Sirum-Ringen 
Country: South Korea 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2005 in Seoul 
Choi Hong-Man (born 30 October 1980) – Korean kikbokser, last representative of the struggle serum. In Asia it is called «Che Man». At the present time – a fighter in K-1. Choi suffers from acromegaly, resulting in steadily growing. With the growth of 2.18 meters (7 feet 2 inches) and weight from 160 to 166.6 kg (350 GBP. Article 25. – 367 fax., 26,24 st.), Choi is the largest representative of combat sports in the world. < br> 
Career Center 
His wrestling debut was on the stage of world grand prix 2005 K-1 Seoul, where he won in the finals at Kaoklaya Kannorsinga. During the final selection for the Grand Prix he won Bob CAPAS outpoint 2-0 but then lost in the finals of Remy Bonyaski World Grand Prix. 
Outpoint Choi lost Bonyaski R?my, J?r?me Le Banner, mighty Mo he lost by KO. 
My nickname «Techno Goliath» he received when he was soldier serum in South Korea since his victory, he danced to the music of «technology». On Japanese television, and news it is called «Korean monster». 
One of the most notable battles Choi was fighting with the current world champion K-1 Sammy Shiltom in 2006 in Seoul at the World Grand Prix. Choi won on points. The battle was unique because of the huge size of the two opponents. 
30 September 2006 Choi hitting his against Jerome Le Banner in the final selection and lost after three rounds and one extra outpoint. After the battle of Le Banner said: “It is dangerous, his knees are almost at the level of my head, it is not the person. But it is a good guy, he likes me, he vynosliv, this may be the strongest fighter in K-1, and he strong bones – when I strikes, my leg was hurt! I am sure that when a couple of years, he obtained the experience, no one can send it to the knock-out “. 
31 December 2006 Choi easily won his debut fight in mixed martial arts in the K-1 Dynamite in Osaka. It is for 16 seconds, won a convincing victory over former telezvezdoy Bobby Ologunom. 
4 March, 2007 he was the first (and so far only) time in his career was in the knockout. Mighty Mo torpedoed Choi chin in hand, and he was unable to rise to their feet. In this fight he weighed 165.4 kg (365 GBP. Article 26.05.) Was rigid, and many said that this was his very unfortunate statement. 
2 June, 2007 Choi Hong-Man was supposed to speak out against a fighter – a former champion version of WWE, IWGP and NCAA amateur Broka Lesnara in K-1 Dynamite! in the U.S., great event for a huge Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. However, May 23, 2007 due to benign pituitary tumor Choi denied his fight California license. In the battle June 2, replacing his compatriot Choi, Korean fighter Kim Min-soo. 
August 5 at the Asia World Grand Prix in Hong Kong, Choi was sent to knock Gary Gudridzha after 1 minute and 34 seconds after the first round. He weighed 163.5 kg (360 GBP. 25.75 st.), As much as during his fight with Shiltom in June 2006, notable in that fight was his desk. Since its debut at the K-1 in 2005, he was hitting his, using the normal rack. However, in this battle, he first applied for a new left-handed stance. 
September 29, in Seoul for the final selection of K-1, he avenged a defeat to the past, winning on points with the mighty Mo. The victory was mixed, as Choi shot in the groin mighty Mo in the second round inexplicable way counted as knock-down. In his interview poslematchevom Mighty Mo said: «He (Choi) seemed a little stronger. I caused him to powerful strikes, but he did not fall, so I was surprised, because My strokes were stronger than those that I have caused to him in previous fights. Should be, it is trained to withstand severe attacks ». 
8 December, 2007, at the final tournament of World Series Grand Prix 2007, Choi was again lost on points J?r?me Le Banner. Jimmy Lennon Jr. announced that Choi weighs 166.6 kg (367 GBP. 26.24 st.), Which is by far his biggest weight. 
In the New Year\’s Eve was his fight in the tournament «Yarennoka» with Fedor Emelianenko, the champion in the heavy weight version of MMA and former heavy weight champion in PRIDE. Choi twice been on top of Fedor Emelianenko, after attempts to convert the opponent in the stalls. Twice Fedir tried to hold a painful admission. The first time Choi was able uvernulsya, but a second attempt at the end of the second minute of the first round was a success. 
The first battle Choi in 2008, is scheduled for April 13 during the World Series Grand Prix in Yokohama. 
Recently in Korea, Choi began singing career together with supermodel Kang Hee-Co. They are known under the name «Beauty and the Beast». Choi produced a rap single from the record, where the Co-hee Kang performed vocals.