Mike Bernardo



Mike Bernardo
Nickname: — 
Date of birth: 28.07.1969 
Height: 193 cm 
Weight: 110 kg. 
Club: Steve\’s Gym 
Style: Kikiboksing, Boxing 
Country: South Africa 
• Professional kickboxing 
Olympic champion in the heavyweight kickboxing weight 
WAKO world champion among professionals muay-tai in the heavyweight weight 
The world champion of WKA muay-tai in the heavyweight weight 
– K-1 Grand Prix: 
3 rd place in 1995 
2 nd place in 1996 
3 rd place in 1998 
– World Grand Prix K-1: 
The winner of the tournament in Fukuoka in 2000 
3 place in a tournament in Nagoya in 2001 
• Professional boxing 
The world champion on the version WBF Heavyweight weight 
Mike Bernardo (born July 28, 1969) – ends his career a South African professional kikbokser, boxer and mixed arts fighter. It is from Cape Town, South Africa. In Japan, where he participated in the World Grand Prix K-1, since 1994, Bernardo is known as Beru-jan. On account of his remarkable victory over Mirko Filipovic, Peter Aertsom, Andy Hagom, Branko Chikatichem and boxer-supertyazhelovesom Batterbinom. 
On the eve of New Year 2004, Bernardo was to meet with Nigerian soldiers and well-known personality on Japanese television in the tournament Ologunom Bobby R-1 Dynamite!, But was unable to take part in combat because of injury.