Arthur Kishenko



Arthur Kishenko
World Champion of Arts 2004 
European Cup of Amateur Muay Thai Champion 
Ukraine Muay Thai Championship 2nd Place 
25 fights 22 Wins 3 Losses 16 KOs 
K-1 2 Fights 2 Wins 
Name: Arthur Kishenko 
Weight: 72 kg. 
Height: 173 cm 
Date of birth: 13.11.1986 
Country: Ukraine 
Ukrainian Artur Kishenko (Odessa, SK “Captain”), four times world champion in Thai boxing amateur IFMA, not so long ago, Jordan Taya the winner in the selection battle for the right to speak at the tournament K-1 Max 2008 will hold his next fight July 7, 2008 year of the Japanese capital, the city of Tokyo. Ukrainian opponent in the 1 /4 final will be Japanese kick boxer Yasuhiro Kido. As part of the K-1 tournaments, the Japanese held 7 fights, with 6 wins (2 KO) and lost only once on points (his debut fight), held in 2005. 
The winner of this battle priymet part in the semifinal and final match of tournament K-1 Max 2008, which will be held 1 October 2008.