Zabit «Mowgli» Samedov



Zabit «Mowgli» Samedov
Nickname: «Maugli» 
Date of birth: 27.06.1984 
Height: 183 cm 
Weight: 94 kg. 
Club: Chinuk Gym 
Style: Muay-Tai, kickboxing 
Country: Belarus 
Champion Tournament Rules K-1 2007 in Marseilles 
Tournament Champion K-1 Network Riga 2006 
Champion Hungarian Grand Prix K-1 2006 in Debrecen 
European Champion Kickboxing WKBF 2005 
The world champion of Thai boxing WAKO 2004 
Champion of the tournament “Kristall Cup” Kickboxing 2002-2003 was 
Champion of the tournament “BARS Gold Cup” Kickboxing WKBF 2002 
Champion of Europe in muay-tai IFMA 2001 
The world champion of Thai boxing WAKO 2000 
Zabit «Mowgli» Samedov (born on 21 June 1984) – professional kikbokser, Azerbaijani nationality, has moved to Belarus, when he was 10 years old. Trains and supports for Chinuk Gym Club in Minsk, Belarus. 
Zabit – a former sparring partner Alexei Ignashova. His path to the K-1, he paved the victories in various tournaments throughout Europe. He is known for its fast speed, footwork and strikes in a jump.