Сергей Лащенко выступит на турнире It\’s Showtime в эту субботу 21 июля.


 Сергей Лащенко выступит на турнире It's Showtime в эту субботу 21 июля.

This Saturday, July 21, It\’s Showtime will be back in Tenerife

This Saturday, July 21, It\’s Showtime will be back in Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands in Spain for their 59th event. Spain has been a successful market for It\’s Showtime, thanks to their utilization of local talent and local promotion with the help of Street Culture. Both previous events in Spain showcased many Spanish fighters both on the main card and undercard, and this Saturday\’s event is much of the same. This event, however, is unique in that it will be the first outdoor It\’s Showtime event. It will also be the first It\’s Showtime event since It\’s Showtime was acquired by GLORY. Heading into the event though, it seems like a regular It\’s Showtime event, even if you looked at the set-up. The usual Spanish fighters on It\’s Showtime\’s main cards are also back, with Zeben Diaz, Moises Ruibal and Loren Javier Jorge on the card. All three hail from Tenerife and serve as a big attraction for the local crowd. There are two newer Spanish fighters on the main card that haven\’t fought for It\’s Showtime before though, David Calvo and Maximo Suarez. Both are coming off wins at the K-1 event in Madrid in May. However, the circumstances of which they\’re fighting on are quite different. Calvo took this fight with Andy Ristie on short notice less than a week ago. Suarez, at just 19 years old is considered one of the rising stars of Tenerife in kickboxing and has been pencilied in to fight Murthel Groenhart for a while now. It\’s been over a year since Javier Hernandez won the It\’s Showtime 61MAX World Title, and It\’s Showtime has finally brought him back to defend it. Hernandez really hasn\’t been recognized in the kickboxing world much since winning his title, and hopefully another opportunity on the big stage will raise some awareness about him. He fights Masahiro Yamamoto, who earned a title shot through the It\’s Showtime Japan organization. Hernandez is primed for a breakout performance here, even though the fight in which he won the title against Karim Bennoui was a breakout performance in its own right. It\’s Showtime is once again primed for success in Spain with a great local presence and fight card. Stay tuned to LiverKick.com this week for more It\’s Showtime content. 70kg: Andy Ristie vs. David Calvo 95kg: Amir Zeyada vs. Moises Ruibal HW: Sergei Lascenko vs. Loren Javier Jorge 77kg: Maximo Suarez vs. Murthel Groenhart 61kg: Javier Hernandez vs. Masahiro Yamamoto (It\’s Showtime 61MAX Title) 70kg: Andy Souwer vs. Zeben Diaz