A young and promising K-1 fighter, Maxim Dereli signed a contract with FEA CHAMPIONSHIP, h


A young and promising K-1 fighter, Maxim Dereli signed a contract with FEA CHAMPIONSHIP, he has already had 2 successful and spectacular fights in the organization. The audience enjoys him very much and is already looking forward to his fights.  He started his career in amateur K-1 championships, where he achieved the best results. He is the multiple-times champion of the Republic of Moldova, Europe, and Romania. After an amateur career, he performed very successfully in semi-professional tournaments. And now came the moment to which he had been moving towards for so long. Maxim plans to hold as many pro fights as possible and, of course, win the championship belt in the FEA CHAMPIONSHIP, K-1 Rules, Lightweight category.


Maxim Dereli: ” I feel great. Everything went well. I got through amateur and semi-professional championships with flying colors. And now the time has come for me to sign the professional contract with FEA. I fought in this organization two times already and I believe I proved myself. The audience loved me and with the help of this promotion I’ll make a name for myself.
In 2024 I want to compete in a 4-men tournament, and in 2025, or even at the end of 2024, I want to fight for the 71 kg division title and get it as well.”


Dorin Damir: “Today, the FEA signed with a new fighter, Maxim Dereli. He’s the youngest K-1 fighter that ever signed with the FEA organization. Maxim Dereli is very well-known amongst K-1 fans. He’s already had two exceptionally spectacular bouts within the organization, very well constructed technically and tactically. We made him an offer, he accepted it, it couldn’t have gone any other way. I remember him over 10 years ago, when I first saw him coming to Lion club. He spent his free time there, helping the older fighters, training. Then I watched him during competitions and at that time I said that he has great potential and that one day he’ll become a champion. I wasn’t wrong. And today, Max signed a contract with the FEA association. We wish him good health, many accomplishments, fights without injuries and for him to achieve his biggest goal!”


Octavian Orheianu : “It is a big step for Maxim, for us. I remember him as a child, when he first stepped into the gym, he was 5 years old. And step by step, he reached this day, he’s now a professional fighter. We’re very happy and proud that we have such young and talented fighters. We raised them precisely to get to this point. Young prospect Maxim Dereli, signed with FEA CHAMPIONSHIP!”