Dorin Damir: «I want to inform you about the co-main event of the FEA Equinox tournament.»


Dorin Damir: «Hello dear friends, fans, and followers of the FEA Championship project! I want to inform you about the co-main event of the FEA Equinox tournament on September 23rd. A pyramid in the 85 kg category. This category is very, very interesting. Lately, it hasn’t been very popular worldwide, but if we go back in history to our tournament in Chișinău, the 85 kg belt was awarded. However, that is already history. In this category, we had big plans. But these plans, not only in this division but also in others, have been disrupted by all the events that have taken place in the past three years. So, we move forward. The renowned fighter Nicolae Caraus was scheduled to participate, along with the Romanian fighter, Alexe and the Ukrainian fighter, Vershynin. Additionally, the famous veteran in the ring, Boukhidous, who resides in the Netherlands but is of Moroccan nationality, was supposed to take part in this pyramid. We were all expecting an extraordinary Final 4. But, that’s how it is. Caraus is no longer competing, Ukraine has its own problems, Vershynin cannot participate, and Alexe suffered an injury and hasn’t recovered. Therefore, we have decided to move forward and have planned a Final 4 in the 85 kg category to determine at least the first contender for the belt. So, I will give you the names of the finalists. One of them is the well-known Moldovan fighter who has made confident strides in professional projects, including FEA Championship, Denis Cvasnițchii. The second will be the Romanian fighter, Ionut Busuioc, a very skilled fighter who will put on a great fight to claim victory in this pyramid. We also have a Turkish fighter, a good and experienced athlete, Serdar Eroglu. It has become a tradition to have good fighters from Turkey who have shown great and spectacular fights in several pyramids organized by the FEA Championship. The fourth fighter is the renowned Moldovan fighter, Maxim Zaplitnii. We can say that Maxim is already a veteran in professional fights in the Republic of Moldova. He has many fights under his belt, many victories, and a very rich practice. He always moves forward in his fights. I believe it will be a great Grand Prix. So, follow us, stay updated. We all look forward to September 23rd, 2023, FEA Equinox! Stay healthy, keep moving forward, practice sports, make big plans, and everything will be fine!»